African-Caribbean Sports Forum NI (ASFNI) recently announced a five week break in the 2017 Titanic Inter-Community Football League and to resume on the 2nd of July, 2017 at Wedderburn Park, Orpen Drive, Off Finaghy Road South, Belfast BT10 0BN.

While Mr. Adekanmi Abayomi was speaking on behalf of the organiser (ASFNI), he said the matches were suspended due to the on-going Ramadan and reiterated that the break will greatly accord the Muslim players the opportunity to enjoy the fasting. Ramadan is the ninth month and the holiest for Muslims in the Islamic calendar.

The Titanic Inter-Community Football League 2017 started on the 23rd of April 2017 with teams from eight communities. Namely: Nigeria NI, Ghana NI, Zimbabwe NI, Sudan NI, Somalia NI, Libya NI, International Community NI and Romania-Roma NI. Each team has played five league matches each before the Ramadan break. The teams still have two league matches each to play before the first top four teams that will qualify for the semi-finals can be determined.

Ghana NI that started the competition from the bottom of the league is now currently topping the league table with 10 points and goal difference of +6. A total goal of 103 has been scored so far in the league while Khalid Ahmed of Somalia NI currently tops the highest goal-scorer chart with 8 goals.

Titanic Inter-Community Football League is an annual football competition among communities in Northern Ireland with the aim to promote grassroot and cross community football and to campaign against racism in our society. It is an 11 aside football match. The first edition of the league was held last year which Nigeria NI won.

The semi-finalists of 2017 Titanic Inter-Community Football League will be determined on the final day of the league matches on the 9th of July, 2017. The first top four teams on the league table will qualify for the semi-finals and the two semi-final matches will be played on the 16th of July, 2017 at Wedderburn Park, Orpen Drive, Off Finaghy Road South, Belfast BT10 0BN.

The final match and third place match will be played during the grand finale of Titanic Sports-Cultural Festival on the 5th of August 2017 at Wedderburn Park, Orpen Drive, Off Finaghy Road South, Belfast BT10 0BN. Titanic Sports-Cultural Festival 2017 promises to showcase the vibrancy of African and Caribbean cultural heritage through sports. It is known for active and social activities, music, integration, family fun day, food tasting & barbecue, multicultural extravaganza, socialising, cultural performances and celebration

Titanic Sports-Cultural Festival is a platform where Africans and Caribbeans with their friends, other minority groups, Northern Irish people and tourists come together to celebrate and experience not only the contemporary African and Caribbean music, dance, drum, fashion, food and culture but also an avenue to showcase the peculiar way in which Africans and Caribbeans use football to socialise and integrate. Festival participants stand to enjoy diverse cultural heritage mix with that of the Northern Irish people with the aim to promote celebration, understanding, togetherness and a united community.