The Irish FA has moved to appease fans ahead of the Irish Cup final by stating that they will hold a meeting with representatives of both Glentoran and Portadown so that fans have choice over how they buy tickets for May’s show-piece.

As reported by NI Football Daily, the IFA have a new contractual agreement with Ticketmaster that all-ticket matches at Windsor Park will have to go through the ticketing company. However, all parties are now evaluating the option of club’s being able to sell the tickets at their own outlets – alongside the option to buy the tickets online.

The May 2 match is expected to attract a bumper crowd, but there has been mass concern expressed by fans over the news due to possible additional costs for supporters, security issues and huge inconvenience to fans if allocated seating is used with the tickets.

Cup finalists Glentoran have issued a statement on the club’s official website outlining their current position, with Portadown expected to follow suit in due course.

“Glentoran FC have been advised by the IFA that tickets for the Irish Cup final will only be available via Ticketmaster, the IFA having confirmed that they are contractually bound to use Ticketmaster,” the statement read.

“The board of Glentoran FC have significant concerns over the lack of communication, issues surrounding spectator safety and cost to supporters. These concerns have been raised with the IFA and we, along with representatives from Portadown FC, will meet the IFA next week. Ticketmaster will also be present. We have been advised that tickets will NOT go on sale before this meeting.

“Glentoran FC are fully in favour of the introduction of technology that reduces administration, improves equity of access and that has a positive impact on spectator safety, provided this does not come at an unreasonable cost to clubs and our supporters.”