The highly-anticipated Gunshots & Goalposts: The Story of Northern Irish Football has been released on ebook and it a must read for any fan of the game.

Taking sectarianism in Irish football as his jumping off point, Roberts begins the journey through Northern Irish footballing history with the infamous 1912 fixture between Belfast Celtic and Linfield before swinging back for a look at the origins of the game, stopping to examine Ulster’s role in popularising the sport elsewhere on the island.

Thorough without dwelling too long on any single issue, Gunshots & Goalposts takes us on a tour through the streets that made so many of Northern Ireland’s most famous sporting sons.

The enlightening read draws on research from dozens of sources to inform its analysis and insight into football in this corner of the world.

More than just a dry recitation of statistics and results, Roberts brings heroes such as George Best and Peter Doherty to life - putting them in the context of the troubled country they were born into and the impact its peculiarities and peccadilloes had upon them.

Taking on shipbuilding, slide tackles and sectarianism alike this is a football book, but also so much more than that.

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In the meantime, you can buy the ebook directly from Amazon, Google Play or at a discounted price directly from Polifoot Media, where you can also pre-order the paperback.