We hate to criticise referees but they aren't above the law. So with six penalties, seven red cards and numerous other talking points, let's dissect the weekends big decisions.

Linfield vs Glenavon
Raymond Crangle in charge at Windsor and it was a game full of major calls.
The first penalty went to Linfield and it was a definite pen. Conor Dillon's arms are raised in an unnatural position and the ball strikes his hands.

The second penalty which saw Ross Glendinning sent off also looked a good call. Glendinning misses the ball and takes out the attacker. The covering defender on the line isn't stopping a goalscoring opportunity so Glendinning is the last man and has to go. Luckily for Linfield, Mark Haughey saved the resulting penalty!

And the final penalty is one I take issue with. Reece Glendinning is penalised for handball but there's no way the defender could have known where the ball was. A poor decision in my opinion but it got Glenavon a draw that their play deserved.

Warrenpoint vs Crusaders
A game that burst into life in the latter stages saw Josh Robinson sent off with six minutes to go. It was a definite red with Robinson the last man and it put the Crues in a precarious decision a goal and a man down.

That was until injury time when Paul Heatley went down under contact in the area. It's very hard to tell whether there was significant contact but the reaction of the Point defenders may tell the story. There's no real uproar from any of the accused and Diarmuid O'Carroll sticks away the spot kick to get a vital point for the Shore Road side.

Ballymena vs Dungannon
A great victory for a Dungannon side who've played their way out of trouble. And what a player they've got in Ryan Harpur. I've been impressed by him all season and they look safe now in no small part to his match-winning performances and crucial goals. A hat trick for him on Saturday and he's surely one of the best players in the league not playing in the top 3 or 4 teams.

He tucked away a penalty which he won and it was a pretty obvious decision. Dwayne Nelson cleaned out the midfielder and despite the goalkeeper's protest, the spot kick was given. It was also the right decision not to send off the keeper and the ball was away and Harpur couldn't have scored.

Ballinamallard vs Glentoran
A penalty and three reds at the Fernebeu and in my view the referee has got every single one wrong.

Starting with the penalty and red card for Aaron Hogg. The Mallards free kick falls to Jason McCartney and there's a coming together with Hogg before the ball is kicked in the net by a Mallards attacker. The Glens think they're one down. But Keith Kennedy blew for a penalty in the two seconds between the contact and the ball hitting the back of the net. The better decision would be to play advantage, give the goal and no punishment for the keeper. Instead the referee feels the need to send the keeper off, award the penalty which then sub keeper Eliott Morris goes on to save.

On the brink of half time came another big call. A collision between Johnny Lafferty and Steven Gordon led to a bit of handbags between the two teams. Mr Kennedy decided that both men should see red. I have the luxury of a replay but I can't see anything which warrants a red card for either player. A yellow at most would have been suffice or simply a telling off. Alan Kernahan didn't hold back in his interview in saying that the refereeing "decided the result of this game."

Adam Lecky's goal won the Mallards the game and a massive three points.

Portadown vs Carrick
A game which Carrick felt they might have won after having a numerical advantage for nearly an hour following Tim Mouncey's red card. It really was a silly red card and an easy decision. Two yellows in the space of four minutes saw the midfielder get an early bath. Both were clumsy challenges and ones that Mouncey won't want to see back.
The penalty in the 2nd half given to the Ports was probably a penalty, if perhaps a little soft. There did look to be contact even if it was minimal on Marcio Soares. Mark McAllister took the spot kick and summed up the entire game by his dismal effort which was easily saved.
A poor game at Shamrock Park with both sides very low on confidence and going the wrong way in the league table.

Cliftonville vs Coleraine
The only game without a penalty or red card this weekend! A great win for the Bannsiders who seem to have a habit of winning at Solitude now. They're a side hitting a bit of form at the right time now and could be a major challenge to anyone in the post-split fixtures.
As for Cliftonville, the title challenge is now over and the top-2 challenge just became a lot harder. A poor performance all round and keeper Conor Devlin has to be more clever out there. He's a fantastic keeper but he keeps rushing out of his goal at unnecessary times and it's cost the Reds a goal two weeks in a row now. Gerard Lyttle's team will bounce back from this though.

What were your views from the weekend? One thing is for sure, it's it's a league never short on drama!